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Kate Meth, an experienced corporate executive with over 25 years in the communications and strategies world, embarked on a humanitarian trip to Kenya and Uganda in 2005 that changed her life.  It marked the beginning of an unexpected spiritual journey that led her out of the boardroom and into the lives of powerful teachers in the healing arts. Kate’s journey took her across three continents, where she learned profound lessons about leadership—ones that were not taught by CEOs but by shamans, healers and spiritual leaders.  Although their language and techniques were different, their message was the same: “We become what we think about.”  The truth of this message resonated deeply. Kate is an ordained minister, reiki master, craniosacral therapist, spiritual coach and public speaker. 


Deborah Adamy, PhD, LMSW, LMT is delighted to be co-creating The Center with Kate and Sala.  She has been committed to a 30 year career of advocacy, activism and healing.  Deborah is a LMSW graduate of Hunter College School of Social Work, a LMT graduate and instructor of The Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy and most recently earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology from The California Institute of Human Science.  Deborah is an innovative, holistic psych-spiritual therapist, integrative body worker and consultant. 

Program Director

Sala Chrispin’s rich life journey and it’s challenges have informed the faith, determination and appreciation of Life that has led to co-creating The Center with Kate and Deborah. An extension of her undergraduate studies in Performing and Language Arts at Fordham University, she is an inspirational speaker, founder of Haven Total Wellness Co., an author and recreational athlete.  Sala serves on the advisory board to Mind Builders Creative Arts Co. and the Alopecia Community of The Triangle, both, non-profit, community development organizations.    As the Director of The Positive Youth Troupe, she taught leadership and communication skills to empower teens of the Northeast Bronx.   Currently a ministerial candidate at the New Seminary for Interfaith studies and leader of Sacred Space @ The Center, Sala uses her gifts to contribute to the personal and spiritual development of all.